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Part of the TRADE GATEWAYS Programme

This Industry Vertical site, is part of the TRADE GATEWAYS Programme

Flexible Reciprocal-Trade is facilitated across the TRADE GATEWAYS Network. The TRADE GATEWAYS network also features a range of Integrated Industry Vertical Sites. This Industry Vertical site can be accessed across the TRADE GATEWAYS Network.

With over 300 Regional Digital Trade Gateways across the globe in the TRADE GATEWAYS network, this can help Suppliers participating in the Network to reach target markets that could otherwise prove very expensive to reach at scale.

Ethically Sourced Network

The Ethically Sourced Network, (ESN) features thousands of Ethically Sourced Suppliers. ESN is building a new ecosystem and new paradigms in Ethical Sourcing and Carbon Reduction

A recent survey found 66% of consumers are more likely to buy products that are ethically sourced. The global market value of ethically labeled, packaged food products is around1 trillion U.S. dollars. The ability to immediately identify products as being ethically sourced and part of a carbon reduction program is a major marketing tool in today’s world.

ESN Operational Activities

  • Operation of a B2B Platform For Ethically Sourced and FairTrade Products
  • Operation of a Carbon Reduction Programme for Ethically Sourced Products
  • Providing A Trade Digitization Resource For Ethically Sourced Products
  • Provision of the Ethically Sourced Mark to help easily ascertain products as being Ethically Sourced
  • ESN Features a New Way To Trade Ethically Sourced Commodities Integrated in a Digital Trade Gateways Programme And Facilitates A Distribution Network For Ethically Sourced Products.

    ESN Features

  • Strong And Experienced Management Team.

  • ESN have developed new structures to enable Ethically Sourced commodities and crops utilized in making Ethically Sourced Food to be easily traded across the world.

  • ESN has thousands of suppliers in its network who will help expand its reach. ESN is continuously registering suppliers