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  • Part of the TRADE GATEWAYS Programme

    This site, AFCFTA.Gold, is part of the TRADE GATEWAYS Programme, and will be helping to source Gold From Africa. The African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) is a free trade area encompassing most African Countries.

    AFCFTA was established by the African Continental Free Trade Agreement, which has 43 parties and another 11 signatories, making it the largest free-trade area by number of member states, after the World Trade Organization, and the largest in population and geographic size, spanning 1.3 billion people across the world's second largest continent.

    Today gold from Africa now accounts for around 20% of global production. Africa hosts numerous world-class gold mines.

    TRADE GATEWAYS Digital Trade Products

    Using the Digital Trade Tools in the TRADE GATEWAYS Programme, proof of ownership can be easily verified and fully transparent. This would be a big plus in gold transactions. Ownership can also be easily transferred on conclusion of a transaction.

    Some TRADE GATEWAYS Products detailed below.


    Supply-Chain.Finance is a TRADE GATEWAYS Product that uses the TRADE GATEWAYS infrastructure to help TRADE GATEWAYS users access Supply-Chain Finance that might not otherwise be readily available.

    Supply-Chain Finance (SCF) is a variation in the payment terms between a buyer and seller, that either extends or shortens the timeframe that goods and services are paid for. SCF programs can provide buyers the chance to get extended credit terms, while simultaneously providing suppliers with immediate payment via SCF.

    TRADE GATEWAYS is helping to establish a new paradigm whereby it helps connect sellers to buyers and also provides those sellers the ability to provide extended credit that they might otherwise not have been able to provide, thereby offering better trade terms to help win the business.


    Supply-Chain.Network is a TRADE GATEWAYS Product that helps automate Supply Chains co-ordination. Automating the process of coordination, unburdens the supply chain of a considerable management cost

    The Digital Trade Gateways in the TRADE GATEWAYS Programme can help leverage the development of a basic supply chain into a more complex structure involving a higher level of connectivity with current and new Trading Partners across different regions.

    Buyers can automate the entire procurement process from source to settle, while making savings, and getting better payment terms. Sellers can connect with buyers, simplify the sales cycle, and improve cash flow.

    TRADE GATEWAYS Digital Trade Products help to automate Supply Chain Networks and integrate Logistics, making them more efficient than the simple supply chains of the past.