Nigerian Business

Digital Trade Infrastructure is the prime Internet Location for Nigerian Business, and helps provide a Digital Trade Infrastructure for Nigerian Business

Part of the TRADE GATEWAYS Programme

For Local Trade Opportunities for Buyers and Sellers, access Buyers or Sellers through an applicable B2B Marketplace. After concluding a transaction, come back and use the Digital Trade Features at this site, to access a local infrastructure to execute agreed Transactions, in a faster and more secure manner.

Applicable B2B Marketplaces include those below:

  • Brexit.Trade
  • TradeKey Nigeria
  • Nigerian Government Blockchain Strategy

    The Nigerian Government wishes to ensure the creation of a Blockchain-powered economy that enhances innovation, growth and prosperity.

    The policy, is primarily aimed at strengthening the nation’s Digital Economy to further enhance its unprecedented contributions to national development and economic growth.

    The National Blockchain Policy is developed to serve as a roadmap for Nigeria’s adoption and utilization of emerging technology. The successful implementation of the policy, which lays out a comprehensive framework for integrating the technology into various facets of the economy, will ensure the growth of indigenous talent in blockchain technology solution development leading to a robust and globally competitive ecosystems.

    Now can help is operated by LMS and is part of the TRADE GATEWAYS Programme. It can help use Digital Trade and Blockchain to facilitate Nigerian Business and Trade. Digital Trade Products

    Using the Digital Trade Tools in the TRADE GATEWAYS Programme, proof of ownership can be easily verified and fully transparent. Ownership can also be easily transferred on conclusion of a transaction. This helps to facilitate the TRADE GATEWAYS Products detailed below.

    TRADE GATEWAYS Digital Trade Products help to enhance and automate Supply Chains, making them more efficient than the simple supply chains of the past.

    Automating Supply Chains co-ordination

    Automating the process of coordination, unburdens supply chains of a considerable management cost

    Digital Trade Tools at can help leverage the development of a basic supply chain into a more complex structure involving a higher level of connectivity with current and new Trading Partners across different regions.

    Buyers can automate the procurement process, while making savings, and getting better payment terms. Sellers can connect with buyers, simplify the sales cycle, and improve cash flow.

    Facilitating e-procurement can leverage the TRADE GATEWAYS Network help make procurement processes be more efficient and help to make time and cost savings

    This is done by a form of e-procurement, which is the digital process of procurement. This means that paper order forms, catalogues, and paper price lists aren’t needed, and communication with the supplier is predominantly digital.