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  • Part of the TRADE GATEWAYS Programme

    For Local Trade Opportunities for Buyers and Sellers, access Buyers or Sellers through an applicable B2B Marketplace. After concluding a transaction, come back and use the Digital Trade Features at this site, to access a local infrastructure to execute agreed Transactions, in a faster and more secure manner.

    Applicable B2B Marketplaces include those below:

  • Brexit.Trade
  • TradeKey USA
  • Building on the Familiar Bar Code to Help Simplify Trade Digitization

    The Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) is the number you see under the familar bar code, that gets read by scanners. The GTIN is a globally recognized standard that identifies products at any packaging level (e.g., consumer unit, inner pack, case, pallet).

    In the world's first-ever implementation of GTIN semantics in a Trade Digitization framework, TRADE GATEWAYS has created the GTINTOKEN Pogramme which is integrated into this Digital Trade Gateway.

    This development enables all brands already implementing GTIN for barcodes and as identifiers to seamlessly and rapidly implement a Trade Digitization Programme.

    GTINs are currently used globally to identify product - critical to enabling products to work with different systems and applications.

    This Digital Trade Gateway is part of the TRADE GATEWAYS Network. TRADE GATEWAYS is the world's most extensive Digital Trade Gateways Network. The GTINTOKEN programme detailed above can be accessed through this site.

    Globally recognized Identifier Provision for Trade Tokens and Trade Assistance

    GTINTOKEN is a standard that builds on the GTIN to uniquely identify Product Tokens in trade by combining the GTIN and the relevant industry code. GTINTOKEN is operated on the GTIT (Global Trade Item Token) Asset Tokenization platform operated by TRADE GATEWAYS.

    In the same way that GTIN's have been required by many companies around the world for conventional trade since 1973, GTINTOKENs will be required by many companies around the world for Trade Digitization moving forward.

    As such, this Digital Trade Gateway can support large and small to 'medium sized' businesses in different regions to access markets globally across the TRADE GATEWAYS Network. It can help take away much of the pain of International Trade, and help provide End To End Logistics through major Logistics Partners.

    Trade Microsite Provision

    A Trade Microsite can be provided within this Digital Trade Gateway, which helps utilize the Trade Digitization Tools provided. The Trade Microsite also connects to individual Digital Trade Gateways Network across the Globe, at which the Trade Microsite could be linked as required.

    A microsite is a branded content site which should ideally be set up at a good location on the Internet. Location, location, location, is extremely important on the Internet, as in the physical world. This site is a good location at which to feature a Trade Microsite.